So glad to have found this spray! I manage a bank branch and deal with money all day and it’s disgusting, so every morning we wipe everything down with disinfectant. When a customer told me about Armor Mist I immediately jumped on to check it out and was amazed, so I bought a pack for the office. While we haven’t stopped cleaning we don’t worry as much either. We’ll definitely be back!

Mark R.



I really can’t stand to use alcohol hand sanitizers because they dry my hands out so badly. I have tried EVERYTHING else looking for a great product. Finally found Armor Mist. No alcohol and it moisturizes my hands. Love it!

Janice R.

Charleston, SC


I have 20 beautiful, sweet grandchildren.  I love having them around but there are a few times a year when I prefer to see them from a distance.  My husband and I have been struggling the last few years with our health so the typical cold or flu that lasts a day or two for most will put us out of commission for weeks.  So to say the least we try to be as careful as possible.  When a friend recommended Armor Mist I was skeptical, but thought how could I not try it.

After I had been applying for about 2 weeks my daughter called needing a last minute babysitter for her sweet yet snotty 3 year old and I accepted, figuring it was time to test this out.  Despite many snotty kisses and dirty hands all over everything I did not get sick.  Coincidence? Past experience tells me no!  So I ordered the 12 pack and keep one in most rooms of my house, in our cars, and have sent them home with each of my kids. If you weren’t sure I HIGHLY recommend!

- Kay P.

Idaho Falls, ID


I spend 20 days a month in airports, hotels and train stations, which are the epitome of nasty public areas to catch germs.  In the past I spent too many weekends of my precious time at home in bed recovering instead of with my family.  My wife slipped your product in my travel bag about 3 weeks ago now and have been using it and have noticed a difference in how I feel overall.

Don W.

Burlingame, CA


I teach 3rd grade in an elementary school. Do I really need to explain any further? It seems like I get every cold and flu that comes through the school.  A co-worker gave me a bottle after seeing a sneezing fit in the teacher’s lounge several weeks ago.  Quite a few of us have started using your product since then and we are curious to see what other miracles this wonder bottle performs.  In keeping with my profession,  I give Armor Mist an A+.  Thank you!

- Grace M.

Savannah, GA


I have 4 kids ranging from 11-3 with a brand new 8 week old baby.  To say that we have struggled keeping everyone healthy is a gross understatement.  I found these products after searching for a hand sanitizer that contained less alcohol and that would not dry out my hands and ordered a few bottles to give it a try.  We are now 4 weeks into using this and have done away with all of the other types of hand sanitizers.  We are now lifers, thank you!

 - Jenna H. 

Akron, OH