About Armor Mist

Armor Mist is dedicated to PROACTIVE GERM PROTECTION. Our skin sanitizing product has the potential to change your world.

Let's be realistic... you can't wash your hands all day long nor can you apply alcohol every 60 seconds of every single day. Many of these harsh products don't have lasting power to stay on the skin and kill germs as you come into direct contact with them. Armor Mist does.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers don't provide lasting protection

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are completely ineffective because once the alcohol evaporates, there is no more protection.

Unfortunately, that's not even the worst part. In an indirect way, alcohol-based hand sanitizers actually contribute to the spread of germs because they dry and crack the skin, creating microscopic openings that are susceptible to infection from germs. Cracked skin is a major reason why germs spread so well and seem to be unstoppable.

For true germ protection, you need a product that stays safely on your skin

Armor Mist provides persistent protection, meaning it stays on your skin and kills germs as you pick them up. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers, on the other hand, only kill the germs that are already on your hands when you use it. In other words, Armor Mist's approach is proactive instead of the reactive approach used by alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Armor Mist proactively kills germs as you come into contact with them and more importantly, before you introduce them into your system through your mouth, nose or eyes.

So, what makes Armor Mist different?

Armor Mist contains no alcohol, triclosan, chlorine, or antibiotics. Instead, it kills germs with an FDA approved, highly effective active ingredient known as Benzalkonium Chloride. Armor Mist utilizes this proven ingredient to become your persistent germ-protecting powerhouse. 

Anything you touch could be harboring germs

Here's the best part. Armor Mist products bond to your skin and stays there waiting for you to pick up microscopic germs from counter tops, bathrooms, door knobs, computers, tables, desks, pens, cell phones, theater seats, playgrounds, school, airplanes, hotels, taxis... you get it, germs are everywhere.

As you pick up pathogens, Armor Mist goes to work and kills them immediately. Even before you can rub your eye or scratch your nose. This persistent sanitizer is the only way to get long lasting protection to kill germs all day—all with a single application of Armor Mist. 

A proactive solution to your germ problem

Let's face the facts: if you want to protect yourself and your family from the spread of dangerous germs, an alcohol-based sanitizer won't cut it. Despite the marketed belief that alcohol-based hand sanitizers are great at preventing the spread of germs, they are inferior for three main reasons:

  1. These hand sanitizers represent a reactive solution. They only kill the germs that are already on your hands. 
  2. They do not create a protection barrier. They provide no long-lasting germ protection.
  3. They dry and crack the skin which creates micro-fissures that are easily infected once the alcohol has evaporated. 

Let's get started

Try Armor Mist today to start proactively protecting yourself from pesky germs.


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